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$5.00 OFF any Oil Change
Includes 5 Qts & Filter
5-20 or 5-30 Conventional-$28.80
0-20,5-20, or 5-30 Synthetic
Approved for Domestic & Asian
Rotella Diesel O.C.-$101.95
We also offer Mobile 1 for a slightly higher price
Coupons cannot be used with other promotions or specials.
One one coupon per vehicle.
Coupon expires 6-30-2019
We Do Automotive Repair. We listen to what you hear of feel is out of the ordinary with your vehicle. We're going to ask a bucket of questions, test drive, and do some serious investigation of your problem. We use our scanners and our mechanical know-how to pinpoint your issues and then let you know what we are going to have to do in order to fix your vehicle. Sometimes you have to fix one problem in order to fix what is causing your vehicle to malfunction. Like a Doctor, we can't do this over the phone and we do have to charge for whatever time we spend on pinpointing the problem..FREE guessing is available at the part stores. We DO NOT band aid problems and if you are looking for a get by fix, we're NOT your shop. Sometimes problems are better left alone and trade vehicles and if we feel that is the case, we'll tell you. We do not want your vehicle to turn into the money pit.
10% OFF Brake Work
From Pad Slap to a Full Brake Job
We will take 10% off Labor & Material
Parking Brake, Master Cylinders, Boosters, Calipers, Pads, Shoes, Disc, Drums & Hardware..take a full 10% off the job with this coupon. Come on by and we'll do a
FREE Brake Inspection
Discount not valid when combine
with other offers
Coupon Expires 2-13-2019
Save $40.00
Computerized Scan
& Diagnostic
Regularly $80.00
With this Coupon
Save $40.00
Coupon Expires